HONG/ Kokoro/ Ann
Unfortunately, I respond to kok too
EN FGO: 206 932 381
Limbus Company:K453258476
(Please let me know if you add me! Especially for FGO, I have limited friends list space).I cosplay sometimes, but I'm a huge merch collector! I have 2 Karna itabags and much, much more!! I'm a huge GUDA GUDA enjoyer as well.I'm also a 6th year Gold Yelp Elite, SGV Best Photographer 2021, SGV Best All Around Elite 2022, and the 19th most prolific Yelp Elite in North America. I've done some panels at cons related to Anime Eating Adventures Etc. throughout SoCal and I love sharing my favorite spots, events, and must stops!


  • TYPE MOON (Fate, Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai) - Especially FGO

  • Limbus Company

  • Hatoful Boyfriend

  • K-ON

  • When They Cry Series

  • Monogatari Series

  • Sound Horizon

  • Chiikawa

  • NANA

  • Cute things/spooky things

  • J-rock/Visual Kei

  • Boba

  • Of course food!


  1. Karna

  2. Okada Izou

  3. Assassin of Shinjuku

  4. Oberon (Vortigern)

I love Karna the most, but I also really like Izou, Shinshin, & Oberon, if you ever have merch of these three to sell, trade, or split a box, let me know!

I also like